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ULS Laser Engravers & Cutters

universal laser engraver cutter

Entry level laser engravers & cutters are great for small spaces. Easily setup the desktop laser on a desk or table.

Professional laser engravers and cutters increase productivity and expand the materials your company is capable of using. With larger wattage options, the platform laser will be the goto piece of equipment in your business.

Industrial Laser engravers and cutters not only have the ability to be paired with a conveyor belt, but a camera can be mounted for large scale projects requiring print to cut registration.

Vision CNC Engravers & Routers

vision cnc engravers and cnc routers

CNC engraving equipment is still alive and well. You can easily produce small parts such as name badges, desk plates, and i.d. tags using one of our value entry level CNC engravers.

Our professional series CNC engravers are equipped with larger HP motors to produce crisp clean projects faster, even on metal. The larger your tabletop, the more productivity the equipment will provide your business.

Interested in using full 4’x8’ sheets in one pass? Our industrial routers great for larger projects that require more table real estate.

Electrox Galvo Laser Marking Systems

electrox galvo laser marking systems

Galvo laser systems are known for there fast productivity in the professional and industrial industries. Choose from five different workstations that will meet your needs, an assortment of fiber and CO2 markers. We can now offer custom workstations for your individual needs. With low operating costs and virtually maintenance free, you can produce you products on time and on budget.


Featured Equipment

raptor fibre fiber laserThe Electrox Galvo is perfect for your medium to large sized facility. Able to produce parts and a small amount of time, it is a necessity you are missing. Purchase the equipment with or without an enclosure depending on your application.


Laser, CNC Engraver, & Marking Services


laser engraver parts website

Need your replacement part now? Can’t wait for manufacturer drop shipping? Are parts warehouse is stocked with every part you could imagine, with many parts capable of overnight delivery. if you know the part number, you can use our online ecommerce site to order with no hassles. We are adding more parts everyday to compliment our parts warehouse.


service laser engraver router galvo

In a pinch? Our skilled technicians can fix your issue over the phone or by traveling to your location. With ESS celebrating 30 years of committed service, we will have you back up and running in no time.


training laser engraver router

Are you looking for a company that can only sell you the equipment, or a company that can also service and train you? if you chose the second option then ESS is the company for you. We offer training at your facility or ours on new or used Universal Laser Systems, Vision Engravers and Routers, and Electrox Galvo Marking Systems.


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