Cork Material Facts

Cork , by definition, is a buoyant material that is harvested from the Cork Oak Tree. Cork is not only buoyant, but is also resisted to fire and not known for its elasticity. Commercial use of cork material is comprised of wine bottling, musical instruments, shoes, and interiors of baseballs. You can cut, engrave, and even mark cork materials. Because of the different applications, various types of industry equipment can be used including CO2 lasers, CNC Engravers, and CNC Routers.


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What can you cut or engrave with a laser?

cork-cuttingYou can create precise, intricate cuts with a CO2 laser system. Be able to deliver speed, but also introduce repeatability and performance for any complex cutting application. One of the most common cork cutting applications are engine gaskets. Create a custom one of a kind, or create a run of the most popular with confidence.
cork-engravingA CO2 laser will produce high resolution engravings that simply cannot be replicated by traditional hand tools. Personalizing a bottle cork or cup matt, for example, can be produced relatively fast and accurate with laser engraving.
cork-inlayCreate unique effects and add value to finished products with custom cork inlays. Cut then insert your favorite cork pieces into handles and cufflinks to name a few.


What can you cut or engrave with a CNC Engraver or CNC Router?

cork-cnc-cutFrom planter boxes to furniture, cnc routers offer the flexibility and capability needed for many larger cork related projects.

cork-cnc-cut2Increase profits by quickly & accurately creating & reproducing larger sized products such as cork countertops. Have the ability to cut the dimension and router out messages in the same job.


What are the different types of lasers you suggest to cut or engrave cork?

CO2 lasers are the backbone behind the flying optic and galvo driven laser system frames. A Flying Optic CO2 Laser is used mainly for engraving and cutting over a larger work surface. The beam is directed through a series of mirrors and lenses over the material similar to an XY plotter. A CO2 Galvo Laser is for high speed marking on a limited 5″ – 11″ diameter area. This system uses Z-mirrors that rapidly steer the beam down on the material. mainly used in high speed marking applications.

Different Types Of Lasers


Flying Optic CO2 Laser capable of cutting and engraving up to 1152 sq. inch sheets at one time


Galvo CO2 Laser capable of cutting and engraving up to 16 sq. inch sheets at one time. Area can be increased using an automated XY table & tiling function.


What are the different types of CNC Routers & CNC Engravers you suggest to cut or engrave cork?

Engravers and CNC Routers come in various sizes depending on your project specifications. You can choose a small engraver that are mainly used for name tags, medium size engraver used for plaques, larger engraver used for industrial projects and braille, or a CNC Router that can be used for large signs and aluminum cutting.

Different Types Of CNC Routers and Engravers

vision engravers routing equipment

Professional & Industrial large format  CNC Router capable of cutting sheet cork. From 1152 sq. in. to 4,608 sq. in.

vision engravers

Small and Value engravers are capable of engraving from 48 sq. in. to 576 sq. in. material during one single job. Automated after the start button is pressed.

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