1212 Vision Engraver

1212 Vision Engraver

1212 Vision Engraver

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Lease as low as $187.95 /Month¹


Advantages of the 1212 Vision Engraver for your business
  • Made In The USA
  • ADA Compliant for interior signs
  • Multiple plate layout capabilities
  • Save money with in house production
21.5″ x 24″ x 11″
Power Requirements:
Spindle Type:
1/4″ or 11/64″ Top Load, Collet Spindle Available
2-Year Limited Warranty


The 1212 small format computerized engraver offers ease of use with minimal material cutting to produce your finished products. Whether you are a startup business, or looking to add a machine to supplement the capacity of an existing operation, the 1212 is a great fit. The Vision Pro software allows advanced capabilities for such a small machine such as automatic multiple plate layout for tags, badges, small signs and plaques. Even small ADA compliant interior signage can be produced with ease on the 1212 engraver. 

Easily produce name badges, equipment tags, small signs, plaques and awards, gift items, pet tags, ID tags, electrical tags, military name tags, desk plates, or mark industrial parts.


  • Aluminum T-Slot Table
  • Accepts multiple spindle types
  • Electronic sensor for automatic surface setting
  • Laser pointer for job preview and location
  • Quiet micro stepping motors
  • Includes Vision Series 4 ethernet controller
  • 1″ Spindle Clearance (3.5″ option)
  • Runs direct from Vision Pro, Flexi-Sign, SignLAB, EngraveLAB, Enroute, Tye 3, and many other software packages.



Popular Products Made With 1212 Engraver:

  • Medallion
  • Gifts
  • Jewelry
  • Small Signs
  • Plaques
  • Awards
  • name Badges
  • Pet Tags
  • Industrial Plates
  • ID Plates


Engraving Badges

Vision 1212 Badge Engraver
Vision 1212 Badge Engraver
Vision 1212 Badge Engraver
Vision 1212 Badge Engraver
Vision 1212 Badge Engraver
Vision 1212 Badge Engraver
Vision 1212 Badge Engraver
Vision 1212 Badge Engraver


Small ADA Signs

Vision 1212 ADA Braille Engraver


¹ Price based upon 60-month term lease with 10% buyout. APR rate, lease terms, & down payment dependent upon customer & company credit check. For all equipment specifics & leasing details, please contact Engraving Systems Support (ESS) Toll-Free (800) 374-374-8928.



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