I purchased my first Vision Phoenix 1212 rotary engraving machine from ESS in 2001. After a few years of growth, I bought two Universal VLS laser systems from them. I did this due to their exceptional customer service and support. Any time I have a machine or software question, the team at ESS is always there to help. I highly recommend ESS if you want quality engraving equipment that is well supported. Lou Kraemer, The Trophy ShopLou Kraemer
We have used the services of ESS from the early years of computerized engravers to the current years of high tech laser systems. For the past 22 plus years, their commitment to providing top quality equipment and unbeatable service have in turn helped us to provide that same excellent service to our customers. ESS' knowledgeable staff has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. Their invaluable advice, the right equipment and service after the sale are just a few of the reasons we have been such satisfied customers for over 22 years. So, if quality, service and support after the sales are priorities for your company, we would highly recommend ESS. Pat Holley, Dynamic Trohies & AwardsPat HolleyDynamic Trophies & Awards
I've been in business since 1987 and know that having great equipment is not enough to be competitive in today's have to have great service and support for that equipment, too. That's why I rely on Buddy Jones and Engraving Systems Support. For all of my business life Buddy and his staff have been behind me and have been instrumental in my company's success. There are many great laser and rotary engraving machines on the market. They all do basically the same thing and prices are similar. I am often asked to recommend a particular brand. To me, it's not the brand or price that makes the difference; to me the real difference lies in the support and service of the machine AFTER the sale. When a company will deliver a machine at 3 a.m. (yes, you read that right!) because they know you need it desperately, that's what service is all about. When a company will "hold your hand" as you learn new technology or software, that's what support is all about. That's what ESS is all about. Never, in over twenty years, have I been disappointed in Buddy and ESS. His friendly staff knows their equipment inside and out and are prepared to talk us through a minor adjustment or come on site for a full blown service or repair. But the cornerstone of my long term relationship with Buddy and ESS is a very simple one. Trust. I know that they will treat me fairly and honestly. When Buddy began distributing the new AcryliPrint Fusion Processor I was one of the first to buy it. It took me all of about ninety seconds to decide. Why so quick on the trigger? Because Buddy and his staff were GENUINELY excited about the possibilities their piece of equipment could bring to MY business. Their enthusiasm was real and very contagious. That's all I needed to see. The bottom line for me is this. It really doesn't matter what brand of equipment ESS may sell. When I need it, I'll buy it...not because of the reputation of the manufacturer; not because of the cool features it may have...but because of the integrity of Buddy Jones and Engraving Systems Support. If they believe in it enough to sell it, that's good enough for me. Sam Varn, President of Awards4USam VarnTallahassee Engraving
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